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Nestled at the meeting point of the River Thames and the historic Royal Docks, Royal Albert Wharf stands as an extraordinary, contemporary waterfront neighborhood.

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About Royal Albert Wharf.

Nestled at the meeting point of the River Thames and the historic Royal Docks, Royal Albert Wharf stands as an extraordinary, contemporary waterfront neighborhood. This vibrant locale introduces captivating new architecture to an iconic backdrop, fostering a dynamic destination that seamlessly integrates work, leisure, and community engagement.
The inaugural phase of Royal Albert Wharf is uniquely surrounded by water on three sides, enveloped by the Royal Albert Basin to the west, the majestic River Thames to the east, and a former shipping lock to the south. Along the dock, a captivating line-up of workspaces, cozy cafés, and inviting bars converge, complemented by the operational Victorian-era ‘Pump House.’ A serene, tree-lined square is set to serve as the community’s focal point, fostering interaction and cohesion among residents.

Historical Tapestry

The Royal Docks once epitomized London’s thriving trade hub, drawing global produce and people along the River Thames. These docks, the largest enclosed working docks in their prime, catalyzed a new era of commerce in the late 19th century. From Victoria Dock’s completion in 1855 to the inauguration of King George V Dock in 1921, the docks were instrumental in handling diverse cargoes, including grain, tobacco, meat, fruit, and exotic spices. Passenger ships and grand ocean liners were a common sight amidst their bustling activity. However, the rise of containerized cargo marked the decline of the Royal Docks, culminating in their closure to commercial traffic in 1981.

Yet, revitalization ensued. The introduction of the DLR, Canary Wharf, London City Airport, Excel London, and the University of East London breathed new life into the area. A surge of regeneration has ensued, attracting thousands to the Royal Docks with new homes, industries, and attractions. Royal Albert Wharf now stands as an emblem of this renaissance, offering an enticing opportunity to explore this thriving, modernized district.

Redevelopment and Regeneration .

Witness the transformation of 9.6 hectares, boasting over 1500 new homes within the Royal Docks. With 28% of dwellings specifically tailored for family living, Royal Albert Wharf epitomizes a fusion of contemporary living spaces and historical charm within this regenerated waterside enclave.

Rotal Wharf Buildings guide

Market Insight

Property To Rent.

1 bed flat to rent
£1,998 pcm 40%
2 bed flat to rent
£2,600 pcm 50%
3 bed flat to rent
£3,000 pcm 70%
4 bed flat to rent
£4,500 pcm 90%

Property For Sale.

1 bed flat for sale
£445,000 40%
2 bed flat for sale
£570,000 50%
3 bed flat for sale
£600,000 70%
3 bed flat for sale
£650,000 90%

Attractions Close to Royal Albert Wharf.

Residents of the James Cook Building are spoiled for choice when it comes to nearby attractions:


ExCeL London

Convention center located around 1.5 miles away



Restaurants at ExCeL London: Around 1.5 miles away



Docklands Light Railway: The nearest station might be around 1 mile away



Thames Barrier Park (Approx. 3 miles)



Royal Wharf Primary School (Approx. 0.5 miles)



University of East London: Approximately 2 miles away

Why Invest in Royal Albert Wharf at Royal Wharf.

Investing in Royal Albert Wharf at Royal Wharf offers a unique opportunity at the crossroads of history and modernity. Nestled between the River Thames and the historic Royal Docks, this vibrant location showcases contemporary living amidst a rich historical backdrop. With a growing array of amenities and key infrastructure developments, Royal Albert Wharf presents promising investment potential. Expert estate agents specializing in Royal Albert Wharf provide invaluable guidance, making it an ideal choice for savvy investors seeking a thriving urban investment.


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